giving a second life to plastics

ECOstorage 12 Gallon Flip Lid Recycled Plastic Storage Container


Living an eco-life begins with a healthy lifestyle. That involves raising awareness of our actions and the impact they make on our world. The first step is to consciously make the decision to educate ourselves on living more sustainably; consuming and wasting less. It is imperative that we recognize our planet belongs to everyone; it is bigger than any one of us, it involves all of us collectively and what steps we can take to save it. The United States is one of the biggest contributors to waste in the world, producing 30% of the planet’s total, despite only holding 4% of the world’s population. We’re running out of time, let’s make a change together, NOW.

Together we can take a stand

ECOstorage™ containers are made of up to 99% recycled material to help lessen the burden of pollution. Take your first step towards a more sustainable lifestyle with us! In an effort to save our planet we are committed to using over 15 MILLION POUNDS of recycled plastic annually, and we would like to recycle even more every year. For each ECOstorage™ container purchased, a minimum of 2 lbs of plastic is saved from reaching a landfill in support of our GIVING A SECOND LIFE TO PLASTICS initiative! Skip out on single use plastics, and together we can take a stand for recycled products and invest in the future of our planet. Read more on our blog.



Up to 99% recycled materials in ECOstorage™ containers


15,000,000 lbs

We recycle 15 million pounds of plastic annually


2 lbs

With each purchase, you’re keeping at least 2 lbs of plastic from reaching a landfill.