DIY with US: Floating Pool Cooler


Summer fun is upon us!!!!! One tempting option is lounging in your pool (or a friend’s for that matter). Hopefully, you apply sunscreen and remember to stay hydrated, if you forget, no worries, we’ve got you covered! If you’re looking for a great way to ~chill~ while keeping cool give our DIY floating pool cooler a try. In the name of reusing, we’re going to make a floating pool cooler out of our 10 gallon ECOstorageTM standard container. What’s unique about this cooler is that you can use it for storing your pool items during the off season, but even better, you can use it to keep some drinks on ice in arm’s reach for pool time!

There’s no need to interrupt a lazy day catching rays. Stay hydrated by keeping a drink on hand. Follow these steps below to see how you can make your own floating cooler!

What you’ll need:
1 10 Gallon Bin
2 Pool Noodles
Utility knife

Step 1: Jump on Amazon and purchase one of our containers from our ECOstorageTM line! If you’re reusing you may as well be eco-friendly at the same time! Purchase and/or gather all your needed items on the list so you can get started.
*We will be using our 10 gallon ECOstorageTM container.

Step 2: Measure your pool noodles to the size of each of the sides of the bins.

Step 3: Cut all 4 to fit the noodles to your measurements.

Step 4: Use your utility knife to slice the entire length on the long side of each end of the noodle and spread the sliced end to open.

Step 5: Once it’s open, slide the noodle onto the lip of the bin. Repeat the same step for all 3 additional sides.

Step 6: Now you’re ready to toss in the ice and desired drinks and enjoy!