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Outdoor activities and storage can bring a variety of obstacles and messes. From garages and sheds to fishing, camping or just storing sporting equipment, the ECOstorage™ Tough Box products have even the most active lifestyle covered. Made from heavy duty recycled plastic that delivers superior durability and stackability. These tough totes are in it for the long haul.

Tough Box Container

This ECOstorage™ container, keeps 4.5lbs of plastic from reaching a landfill and supports our giving a second life to plastics initiative! Skip out on single use plastics, and together we can take a stand in purchasing recycled products to invest in our future and save our planet at the same time.
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      Tight closing lid and super sturdy!

      We move, ALOT! Which means we put a lot of stuff in storage in between moves. These totes are seriously the best tote we have ever used. When other brands bend, crack or warp when stacking, These totes show them all up. The lids closes tight and stacks great. Won’t use another tote from here on out!

      Yes. I recommend this product

      Rough & Tough Container

      I have 4 of these stacked up in my garage. The lids stay tight and the lids are a bright yellow. Using a fine point marker I know exactly what one I need to open. Not sure if there is a weight limit. The automotive unit I have is about 60 lbs.
      It’s stacked on 2 lighter units. They are not made to hold your Grandma’s winter clothes.

      Yes. I recommend this product

      Sturdy and spacious

      Perfect for storage in our garage. Holds many bags of potting soil, bird food, and fertilizer.

      Yes. I recommend this product

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