5 Sustainable Gifting Ideas to Embrace in 2022


Sometimes finding a sustainable gift that does good for the planet can feel impossible. To help, we’ve gathered 5 sustainable gifting ideas to embrace in 2022, so you can give guilt-free this season!

  1. Gift a plant instead of cut flowers.

Plants are not only a simple way to bring life into any space, but they are the gift that keeps on giving! While most flowers last 1-2 weeks, houseplants will last months (if not years!) with proper upkeep. Visit your local florist for seasonal recommendations and care information.

Tip: Succulents and other low-maintenance plants are great for friends with little to no green thumb abilities!

  1. Gift an experience instead of a thing.

Instead of buying things for the sake of buying, opt for giving an experience, instead! Something as simple as a day out hiking together, exploring your city, or taking a cooking class is not only more sustainable but also creates a much more memorable experience. Choose to do something they love instead of collecting items that will end up in a landfill one day. 

Tip: Get creative! Browse your local Eventbrite and Groupon pages to see what one-of-a-kind experiences are happening near you. 

  1. Bake instead of buy.

Surprise that special someone with homemade sweets, granola, or even a fresh loaf of bread! Cooking is truly a labor of love and generates little waste that is ultimately compostable. Personalize the dish to their palate and create something sweet that they are sure to remember!

Tip: Not a baker? No problem! Shop from local bakeries, coffee shops, and restaurants to create a delicious assortment that is sure to make an impression.

  1. Replace wrapping paper with a reusable basket.

Reduce waste and elevate your gift by using reusable baskets and containers instead of wrapping paper. Thrift stores usually have a large and eclectic mix of baskets and bowls that are perfect for gifting. This not only adds to the gift but turns into something they will use again instead of adding additional waste. 

Tip: If you opt for traditional wrapping, try using materials found around your home. Items like newspaper, foliage, fabric, or kraft paper add a unique touch while reusing materials!

  1. Shop sustainable products.

If you choose to shop, try going for sustainably made products. Fairtrade, vintage, and products made from recycled materials are all great options for more sustainable gifting!

Tip: Labels are key. Check the labels on your products for the correct ‘Fair Trade’ and ‘Recyclable’ certifications. Many products are falsely advertised as “all-natural” or “eco-friendly” without any real data to back them up!

This year, gifting sustainably shouldn’t have to be a challenge. Choosing products and methods that make a positive impact is key for a more sustainable future for us all.

ECO Storage products are all made from up to 99% recycled materials, creating storage that gives a second life to plastics. For more sustainability and organization inspiration, follow us on Facebook and Instagram! Click here to explore more ECO Storage products.

DIY with Us: Cat Condo


How can you show your furry friend some lovin’ without breaking the bank? Build them their very own Cat Castle, well in reality a condo, but what do they know?! Retail cat condos are expensive, ranging from $30 to an upward of $150, so save some money and make your own at home. This DELUXE kitty condo is cool and cozy, and you can choose to customize it however you please, making it one of a kind! We will show you how to spruce it up by accessorizing with blankets, faux grass and toys for your cat(s) to enjoy!

Follow these steps below to learn how you can upgrade your cat’s new pad.

What you’ll need:
3 bins
utility knife
Multiple screws 1-1/4” length, washers and nuts to fit
(the number of them will vary dependent on your selected configuration)

Step 1: Head to your local retailer or jump on Amazon and purchase containers from our ECOstorageTM line! If you’re repurposing you may as well be eco-friendly at the same time! Purchase and/or gather all your needed items on the list so you can get started.
*We will be using our 10 gallon, 18 gallon and 32 gallon ECOstorageTM containers.

Step 2: You can determine your own layout and choose which bins to purchase, or follow our design! Drill as many holes that you feel are necessary to create a stabilized environment for your pet. We will be drilling 11 holes. The number of screws, washers and bolts will vary depending on both the layout that you choose to create, and the necessary stability of the house based on your cats size.

Step 3: Align all of the holes you drilled so far. To begin screwing the bins together, you will put a washer through the screw, and put the screws in the lid. We recommend screws in the downward position so that the access isn’t fast up where your cat will be climbing and playing. Then you will secure the bins by using the nuts on the other side of the lid to secure them together.

Step 4: Cut the recessed area of the bins out to create entry and exit points, as well as tunnels for the cats between bins. You can choose to create as many or few as you’d like.

Step 4 5: Snap the bins back onto the stabilized and screwed together lids.

Step 6: Accessorize and make the condo comfortable with blankets, faux grass, toys and whatever your cat’s favorite things may be! And VOILA! Hello MTV and welcome to my (cat’s) Crib!

DIY with Us: Toy or Craft Box On Wheels


Check out this perfect mobile toy or craft bin turned table for your toddler. This definitely a one-of-a-kind all in one must have! This is such a great option when you’re looking to add style and practicality to either your child’s room or even one of yours! The flip lid allows for easy accessibility and the plexi glass top can act as a mobile table with storage below. It is so convenient to have a rolling play area or craft station anywhere in your home!

This is a DIY you don’t want to miss out on, check out how to make your own below!

What you will need:
ECOstorageTM flip lid bin
Hot glue gun
Glue sticks
Jute (length will vary dependent on thickness of desired rope)
Plexi glass
Measuring tape
4 caster wheels
Decorations of choice (we used a white wooden letter and artificial flowers)

Step 1: Head to your local retailer or jump online and purchase one of our containers from our ECOstorageTM line! We will be using our 12 gallon Flip Lid ECOstorageTM container.

Step 2: Gather/purchase all of your crafting supplies and decorations

Step 3: Take your jute, or desired rope-like material and tie the very end in a knot. With your glue gun apply an ample amount of glue to the knot and put it at the bottom of the bin.

Step 4: Wrap the jute around the outside of the bin and glue each row close together to ensure bin isn’t exposed through the layers. Repeat this step until you reach the lip of the bin.

Step 5: Next it’s time to decorate! You can be as creative as you like! Make it your own!!!!!

Step 6: Next flip your container over. On the bottom there are four faint circles near each corner – you can use these as a guide to drill holes for the casters.

Step 7: Drill 4 holes to fit the size casters purchased (fasten them if necessary, ours can be hammered into place).

Step 8: Finally, place plexi glass on the lid of the bin so it can be used as a mobile table or mini workstation.
*Note: Plexi glass can be purchased and precut to your dimensions at most big box retailers.