5 Sustainable Gifting Ideas to Embrace in 2022


Sometimes finding a sustainable gift that does good for the planet can feel impossible. To help, we’ve gathered 5 sustainable gifting ideas to embrace in 2022, so you can give guilt-free this season!

  1. Gift a plant instead of cut flowers.

Plants are not only a simple way to bring life into any space, but they are the gift that keeps on giving! While most flowers last 1-2 weeks, houseplants will last months (if not years!) with proper upkeep. Visit your local florist for seasonal recommendations and care information.

Tip: Succulents and other low-maintenance plants are great for friends with little to no green thumb abilities!

  1. Gift an experience instead of a thing.

Instead of buying things for the sake of buying, opt for giving an experience, instead! Something as simple as a day out hiking together, exploring your city, or taking a cooking class is not only more sustainable but also creates a much more memorable experience. Choose to do something they love instead of collecting items that will end up in a landfill one day. 

Tip: Get creative! Browse your local Eventbrite and Groupon pages to see what one-of-a-kind experiences are happening near you. 

  1. Bake instead of buy.

Surprise that special someone with homemade sweets, granola, or even a fresh loaf of bread! Cooking is truly a labor of love and generates little waste that is ultimately compostable. Personalize the dish to their palate and create something sweet that they are sure to remember!

Tip: Not a baker? No problem! Shop from local bakeries, coffee shops, and restaurants to create a delicious assortment that is sure to make an impression.

  1. Replace wrapping paper with a reusable basket.

Reduce waste and elevate your gift by using reusable baskets and containers instead of wrapping paper. Thrift stores usually have a large and eclectic mix of baskets and bowls that are perfect for gifting. This not only adds to the gift but turns into something they will use again instead of adding additional waste. 

Tip: If you opt for traditional wrapping, try using materials found around your home. Items like newspaper, foliage, fabric, or kraft paper add a unique touch while reusing materials!

  1. Shop sustainable products.

If you choose to shop, try going for sustainably made products. Fairtrade, vintage, and products made from recycled materials are all great options for more sustainable gifting!

Tip: Labels are key. Check the labels on your products for the correct ‘Fair Trade’ and ‘Recyclable’ certifications. Many products are falsely advertised as “all-natural” or “eco-friendly” without any real data to back them up!

This year, gifting sustainably shouldn’t have to be a challenge. Choosing products and methods that make a positive impact is key for a more sustainable future for us all.

ECO Storage products are all made from up to 99% recycled materials, creating storage that gives a second life to plastics. For more sustainability and organization inspiration, follow us on Facebook and Instagram! Click here to explore more ECO Storage products.

Keeping your Trunk Organized (and Green!) with the Eco Tough Box


Keeping your Trunk Organized (and Green!) with the Eco Tough Box

If you’re anything like me, then keeping your car organized is a constant struggle. Whether it’s a pile of takeout wrappers, a discarded shoe, or a loose tennis ball rolling around, there always seems to be SOMETHING keeping my car cluttered. Enter: the Eco Tough Box.

Made from up to 7lbs of recycled plastic, this eco-friendly storage container is STRONG. It was exactly what I was looking for in my trunk – a storage solution that wouldn’t crack under pressure (literally!).

So, we put it to the test and discovered 4 unique ways to use the Eco Tough Box in your car every day.

1. Grocery Wrangler

The Challenge: Protecting the trunk against grocery spills and leaks.

The Solution: Pack ‘em in tight!

Placing my groceries in the box kept them snug and secure on the ride home. In case of spills within the box, simply remove the groceries and hose out the bin! Trust me, this is much easier (and cheaper) than getting your car detailed!

Bonus: Bring the entire bin inside for easy one-trip unloading!

2. Outdoor Explorer

The Challenge: Finding storage that withstands all weather and holds heavy camping gear.

The Solution: The Eco Tough Box lid.

Here I utilized the lid on the Tough Box to stack camp gear and ultimately save space. The lid seals tight to help form a water-resistant seal – perfect for your next rustic adventure!

Bonus: The lids have hasp holes to help tie them on top of the car if extra room is needed.

3. Not Your Dog’s Storage Box

The Challenge: Keeping loose kibble, toys, and dog hair contained.

The Solution: One box to store them all.

Taking your pet with you on the go just got 10x easier! The Eco Tough Box worked great storing all of Buckley’s loose toys and dog food. There was not a stray piece of food to be found in my trunk afterward!

Bonus: Store dog food in the garage stress-free by using the tight seal lid to keep unwanted critters out.

4. Sports Family

 The Challenge: Toting sports equipment to and from practice with ease.

The Solution: Pile ‘em in.

The Eco Tough Box worked great for keeping balls, bats, mitts, and gear all in one place. It also helped keep dirty cleats off of the carpet after an especially rainy practice. The best part: no more loose balls rolling around at every stop!

Bonus: Never forget your equipment for practice or the big game by always keeping everything in your vehicle!

The bottom line: The Eco Tough Box helped keep our trunks safe, secure, and overall mess-free. Whatever your lifestyle is, the Eco Tough Box is here to help you stay organized.

DIY with Us: Cat Liter Box

ECOlife Blog

Give your feline friend(s) some privacy while they’re doing their business. With this project you can reuse an old storage bin, or get an eco-friendly one to make your own litter box! This DIY box is more convenient than most basic litter boxes because of its unique features. Its snap on lid makes for easy removal to clean out the box, having a cover can also help contain unwanted odors, great stackability options if you need to store something on top of the bin, and dual entry for your pet!

In just a few simple steps you can customize your cat’s porcelain (or in this case, plastic) throne, so check it out below it’s as easy as 1-2-3!

ECOlife Blog DIY Cat Litter Box

What you will need:
1-18 gallon bin
Utility Knife

ECOlife Blog DIY Cat Litter Box Step 1

Step 1: Head to your local retailer or jump online and purchase one of our containers from our ECOstorage line! We will be using our 18 gallon ECOstorage container in blue.

ECOlife Blog DIY Cat Litter Box Step 2

Step 2: Take your sharpie and outline the recessed areas on the bins on one or two sides (for additional access) of the storage container that you want to cut out.

ECOlife Blog DIY Cat Litter Box Step 3&4

Step 3: Cut out the sides, following the outline for guidance.

ECOlife Blog DIY Cat Litter Box Step 5

Step 4: Set up litter box as you normally would, place it in your desired location and you’re ready to go!
*Pro tip: place a rug in front of the litter box for your cat to wipe its paws on the way out!

Our commitment to sustainability.


Single use plastics are the biggest contributor to pollution. We use them one time and throw them out, they account for 50% of the U.S.’s overall plastic usage. These include straws, grocery bags, bottles and caps just to name a few. There are 78 million tons of plastic packaging produced per year, and of that 38% ends up in our oceans annually. As of now, that is the equivalent of dumping one garbage truck of plastic into the ocean Every. Single. Minute. That staggering number is only going to increase as time goes on. Environmentalists are estimating that by 2030 plastic pollution will total two garbage trucks per minute, and by 2050 will be four garbage trucks per minute. By the year 2050 there will be more plastic in our oceans than fish! We refuse to just sit by and let that happen.

Source: Cronin, Aisling Maria. “There Will Be More Plastic in the Oceans Than Fish by 2050 – Here’s How You Can Help!” One Green Planet, One Green Planet, 16 July 2017, www.onegreenplanet.org/environment/there-will-be-more-plastic-than-fish-in-the-oceans/.

“Facts . About Plastic . Help – Plastic Oceans Foundation.” Plastic Oceans International, plasticoceans.org/the-facts/.

There is no planet B

Here is why we are different:
Our ECOstorageTM line is made from up to 99% recycled materials. All of our products have to pass our high quality standards on the production line. When those standards are not met, we regrind the container and use that plastic to create our bins in the ECOstorageTM line. Our manufacturing plant recycles over 98% of our own plastic right from the factory itself – resulting in as little waste as possible. We also purchase recycled resin from outside sources preventing even more plastic from ending up in landfills or oceans. That is just one way we are giving a second life to plastics. In an effort to help save our planet we are committed to using over 15 million pounds of recycled plastic annually already. We strive to try and reach even higher amounts each year!

Skip out on single use plastics, and together we can take a stand in purchasing recycled products to invest in our future and save our planet at the same time. Another step in doing our part to this amazing initiative is we are trying to REDUCE, REUSE and RECYCLE. Take your first step towards a more sustainable lifestyle with us! That said, we are excited to DIY with our ECOstorageTM container line. The goal is to find more eco-friendly practices that could bring new life uses to these plastic storage bins.

Reduce. Reuse. Recycle.